About Us

In the Name of Soul Element, this event threw light into a unique vision by launching Junior Film Makers in the year 2010 (JFM 2010)

ACTC Academy proudly presents Junior Film Makers 2022 (JFM 2022). We are indeed proud to exclaim JFM as an initiative rather than an event, focused on searching the world talent – where this is the first competition involving eminent film personalities at the Asian level.

JFM will act as an electromagnet in extracting the art of filmmaking embedded in young minds, inextricably pulling them into the vortex of mainstream cinema.

Our team consists of individuals aiming to provide a strong platform for filmmakers to present their talent and passion to the legendary filmmakers and provide a bridge to connect them both.

JFM 2022 will be a dream come true for the youth waiting to prove their passion.

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